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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Forget the Fitness Center. Spend Your Money on Education

SlocumHallUsing the recession as an excuse, organization after organization has cut out or reduced their tuition reimbursement programs and their support for additional education. But, I have not seen any company close down the fancy cafeteria and many maintain a fitness center and other perks of marginal value for retention… Continue reading

Is HR Relevant and Does it Matter?

The  Way It Is
Since at least 1996 when Dave Ulrich published his well-known book, Human Resource Champions, on the state and future of human resources there has been a constant conversation on how HR can become relevant to business leaders. Simply the fact that the conversation takes… Continue reading

Does Our Own Mindset Cause the Talent Shortage?

photo_classroomEven in this recession, everyone I speak with is moaning about not being able to find the quality candidates they think they need. Maybe they have caused their own problem by narrowly defining jobs, by using yesterday’s criteria to solve today’s problems, and by a lack of imagination.

We (hiring… Continue reading

The Future of Leadership Development – Part II

My last post pointed out the reasons for a new approach to leadership development.  In networked, global organizations the need for a more flexible and less hierarchical development methodology is important.

Over the past 2-3 years, organizations have been experimenting. Everything from the use of e-learning to the recent… Continue reading

What’s Hot for 2010

spotlight_4Every year I try and predict what trends and topics will dominate our thinking, conversations, and technology in the coming year. Last year my three predictions were pretty much on target: Simplicity in sourcing, the rise of social networks, and internal redeployment. I am not sure how much redeployment actually… Continue reading

The Future of Leadership Development- Part I

I recently made a presentation on the future of leadership development at the Online Educa 2009conference in Berlin. Online Educa is an annual gathering of e-learning professionals, vendors and academics from Europe, Asia and a handful (mostly vendors) from the United States.

This is a summary of what I… Continue reading

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