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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Changing Nature of Work: The Labor Recession Will Outlast the Economic Recession

Negotiating the conditions of employment, hedging one job with another, being wary of accepting full-time jobs that put at risk other work or that compromise skills — those are becoming the normal patterns for accomplished professionals.

Individuals are finding new freedoms and exploring their own capacity and taste for change… Continue reading

Why Recruiting Good People Will Get Harder and Harder

Bill Wall was faced with two choices: take a job he didn’t really find interesting, although he was well-qualified to do it, or continue to try and build up his fledgling Internet design company. In the end he was able to do both by convincing the boss-to-be that he could… Continue reading

Plays Well With Others

When you were in elementary school I bet you received a report card with a section that indicated how well you played with the other kids in your class.  Strangely enough, schools have been promoting collaboration in this way for decades, even though it has become a sort of… Continue reading

Which Century is Your Organization In?

If you read my previous post on talent trends, you are aware that life in organizations is undergoing tectonic change.  We are moving from the mechanistic and manufacturing-oriented era that dominated the 19th and 20th centuries, to an era based on community, collective action, and collaboration.… Continue reading

T-Shaped People, Jobs, and Recruiting

Picture 6Recruiting is about to be forced to start looking for people and assessing them in very different ways than they have.

The nature of organizations is transforming right under our noses, but most of us are too deep in the forest to see what is happening. Over the past 100… Continue reading

Six Talent Trends for 2010

In late January, I gave my annual webinar outlining six major trends I think will affect how we think about employees and work in 2010 and beyond.  These themes  constitute the core research the Future of Talent Institute will conduct this year.  The result… Continue reading

T-Shaped People & Collaboration

Many organizations are realizing that when people are assigned or choose roles to play in an organization they are often more creative and efficient than when they are confined to the duties prescribed by a title or position.

I just read a amazingly thought provoking blog written by… Continue reading

Weekend Ruminations

This was my first week back after several weeks in Asia.  It is hard to explain the difference in mood between Asia and the U.S. Technically the economies of both China and Hong Kong may be suffering, but everything is relative. And relative to us, Hong Kong seemed… Continue reading

40 Elements to a 21st Century College Recruiting Program

StuyvesantHallCampus recruiting is where the action is this year. Demand will be up, and competition for the same students will be common. Technical graduates are almost impossible to find, and visa restrictions, along with increased security, will make hiring foreign nationals more difficult.

It is no longer possible to be… Continue reading

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