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Monthly Archives: April 2010

How to Get the Most from Your Social Network

Social networks have grown to the point where they now challenge traditional ways of communicating, marketing, and recruiting. One of the measures we often use to determine the success of our networking is to count the number of people in it. But this is not really a valuable measure: I… Continue reading

The New Television: How the iPad Changes Everything

Many of the reviews of the iPad that I have seen reflect the impressions of people trying to put it into some known category. But, it doesn’t fit any known category and seems to many  like either a bad computer or an overblown entertainment device.

I have learned that… Continue reading

Why Recruiting is in the Midst of Transformation

This recession is accelerating a trend that was already underway: the tendency of organizations to outsource and decentralize non-core functions. I define core very simply: anything that generates revenue (e.g. the sales team), invents new products or services (e.g., R&D) or deeply touches customers (e.g. consultants, advisors). And, let’s face… Continue reading

Recruiting Needs to Part of Something Bigger

Strategic workforce planning is a relatively new concept and practice for most organizations. Many firms have a simplified form of workforce planning in place which is focused on replacement of people in current positions and functions. It is a rare experience to find an organization that has thought through its… Continue reading

The Autumn of Silicon Valley

This recent video from the PBS NEWSHOUR about Silicon Valley tells the story of how creativity is so hard to hold on to and how what we were is what we want to be.

It was in the 1960s that the valley transitioned from “The Valley of Hearts Delight,” where… Continue reading

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