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Monthly Archives: March 2011

4 Common Assumptions Challenged

There are a handful of beliefs within most professions that need to be examined from time to time for validity and accuracy. The medical profession believed for years that ulcers were caused by stress and certain foods. It took a modestly qualified medical researcher in Australia to prove that they… Continue reading

Are Interviews Worth the Time?

One of the greatest myths in recruiting is that interviewing is the best way to assess people. Numerous vendors provide interview training and promise that if you conduct interviews well you will select people who will perform better and stay longer. If you conduct highly structured, well thought out interviews… Continue reading

4 Traits That Separate a Great Recruiter From a Good One

Recruiting is unfortunately often a way station in a career. It is one stop on the way to becoming an HR executive or to moving on to other things. There are often very limited opportunities for advancement as a recruiter within most organizations, which further limits the number of people… Continue reading

Corporate Learning Trends- What Endures During Recessions

I spoke at the Global Learning Summit in Singapore last week where I listed the trends that I see emerging around the world that will have wide-ranging effects on corporate learning. I was controversial and tried to offer a different slant on what is emerging as best practice in learning.… Continue reading

Serious Gaming: 6 Tips on Using Games and Simulations for Recruiting Success

Maybe all you need for an attraction and sourcing strategy is a good game.

The U.S. Army was one of the first organizations to pioneer video games for attracting potential recruits. A couple of years ago the Army launched its highly successful recruiting game America’s Army, which has significantly helped… Continue reading

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