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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Language of Success: What the CEO Wants You to Know

There is a common language used by top-level managers in every company and these managers assume that every employee can speak that language.  It is a language centered on business concepts and understanding a handful of financial concepts.  Whenever those of us in talent acquisition or human resources… Continue reading

Why People Leave Organizations

Whether the economy is strong or weak, no matter the time of year, and no matter how much they are paid, many of our best employees decide to leave.  The question we all grapple with is why?

Why do people stay at a company or leave?  What motivates… Continue reading

Three Experts Talk about Corporate Learning and the Future

Corporate learning is going through profound changes as the need for fast, anytime learning grows.  The paternalistic models that have served for a hundred years are not able to provide flexible, fast learning. They are dependent on knowledge staying static for a long time, on constants, on predictability.… Continue reading

What Is a Next Generation Corporate University: From Control to Choice

“Our true “core competency” today is not manufacturing or services, but the global recruiting and nurturing of the world’s best people and the cultivation in them of an insatiable desire to learn, to stretch and to do things better every day.”      -Jack Welch, Former CEO of General… Continue reading

Empire Avenue Helps Teach Social Media Engagement

Empire Avenue was never intended to be a “serious game” in the sense that games designed purposely for learning are. Rather it was just put together by some young Canadian guys as a fun way to figure out what a personal brand might be worth.

What they ended up with… Continue reading

An Ode to SIGS – Down with Communities!

It seems like every organization is using social media to attract and engage interesting and qualified people in their opportunities.  While they call this “community” building, I am not sure that is the best term. A standard definition of community is, “A group of people living together in one… Continue reading

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