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Kevin speaks to groups all over the world.

This year he has keynoted conferences or conducted workshops in Australia, Indonesia, The Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S.  He speaks on a variety of topics and is more than happy to tailor a talk to your specific needs.

He addresses audiences of all sizes.

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Recent Topics

  • Corporate Learning in the 21st Century
  • Future of Leadership Development
  • Recruiting and Retaining the Generations
  • Future Trends in the Workplace
  • Gen Y as a Workplace Disruptor
  • What’s Next After Gen Y
  • Lean Talent Management: How to Do More with Less
  • Big Data, Watson, and the Future of Sourcing
  • Effective HR Strategies for the 21st Century





What Others Say About Kevin

I have had the great pleasure to see Kevin Wheeler speak on many occasions both in the US and Europe and not once have I left the hall without being inspired. Kevin’s knowledge of his subject matter is unparalleled but also he speaks not as an academic but as a really practitioner , someone who has been in the HR, Work and Talent “trench”. He understands and is empathetic with his audience and the needs. fears and challenges they face in their jobs. But most of all Kevin is passionate, he instills, I am sure a sense of “we can do this, we can make a difference and we will take note” in his audience.
            -Keith Robinson


Kevin is one of my top resources for new, reliable data reflecting current and future workforce trends. Kevin’s engaging speaking style maintains the audience’s attention but the information he shares keeps them coming back. His talks are always fresh and cutting edge. Kevin doesn’t hold back, he’s not there to sell his latest book, he’s there to help leaders prepare for the future.
          -Bethany McCormick, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


 ”Kevin Wheeler is an excellent speaker on the TA circuit today.  His presentations are second to none, fact based, clear and documented, organized with useful data appealing to novices and veterans alike.  I heartily endorse Kevin as a thought leader in Talent Acquisition.”
         – James Duran, CEO, Duran Human Capital Partners, Inc.

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