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Developing leaders is much like building muscles. It takes a varied series of activities, spread over time, to create any noticeable improvement in strength. And, once muscles are developed, they need to be continuously exercised or they quickly atrophy.

Developing leaders is not just about training programs. It is putting in place a series of activities and learning events that, over time, build capability. These should be varied in method and time. A few can be short and serve as a catalyst for future action. Others may be longer and provide a more intensive mental workout. But the key to a successful leadership development program is to stage events over time and never go for the single event approach. Events that last for a day or two and then are not supplemented or connected to future activities are as useful as a single day of working out.

What we offer:

-Development of 21st Century learning models and architectures

-Effective development and use of coaches & mentors

-Integration and implementation of Informal learning practices


Kevin Wheeler helped us design, develop and be lead faculty for our week-long Edwards Lifesciences Leadership Program.  His insights into leadership, his ability to draw out and connect key points from other faculty, and his global perspective have been instrumental in the success of this program that has been offered at least twice per year since 2003.

     -Rob Reindl, CVP Global HR, Edwards Lifesciences

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