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Chances are your staffing process is not as impactful, efficient or as successful as you need it to be. From sourcing to retention, from branding to measurement, a complete staffing process is complex, containing multiple steps with numerous variables.

At GLR, we believe there are several critical staffing process phases. Best-in-class organizations execute each phase efficiently and blend its process with a caring environment focused on customer service and satisfaction. We specialize in helping organizations understand each phase, identify problems, develop effective solutions, involve stakeholders, and produce the desired results.

What we Offer

– Overall recruiting process gap analysis and feedback

– Branding & sourcing strategies

– Assist in designed more effective screening & assessment processes

– Candidate engagement, candidate experience, and closing best practices

– New forms of job descriptions, use of video for assessment

– Social media & mobile design and integration

– Use of contract recruiters

– How to choose & leverage agencies and RPOs



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