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For more than 12 years, we’ve helped organizations all over the world improve their human resources, talent management, recruiting and learning functions. We help architect strategy, provide analysis of current processes and systems, recommend improvements and changes and help ensure that you are more effective and efficient.


Kevin has the ability to grasp the concept of your business situation quickly and then ruthlessly challenge your pre-conceptions and assumptions before leading you blinking into the light of new ideas. Kevin looks past the fads of today and the obvious of tomorrow to divine a sensible and sustainable future beyond. Kevin is a real gem: a true visionary but also fundamentally practical. He’s completely professional, but is also a nice guy with a wicked sense of humor!”   
       -Jay Cross, President, Internet Time Alliance


5 Things That  Make Us Different

1. We have years of global experience  helping organizations cope with changing market demands, rotating leadership, and fluctuating budgets.

2. We can help you influence and sell your senior leadership on your needs, strategies, and on the changing talent market.

3. Our subsidiary, The Future of Talent Institute’s research gives us early access to emerging trends and information that gives you a competitive advantage.

4.We are flexible and customize what we do to your needs.  We also partner with other global  firms so that we can recommend whatever expertise you may need that we don’t have.

5.We can help execute your strategy or leave that to you.  In short, we try hard to be a trusted partner and expert advisor.


“I’ve had the honor of knowing Kevin for over a decade and have always appreciated his sage advice.  He is very effective at helping executives tackle complex business problems. ..”
       – Jeff Bloch, CMO at Decision Toolbox



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