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Corporate academies are taking on new challenges in this century.  There is less interest in or focus on building “bricks and mortar” institutions, and instead on building effective processes to enhance and accelerate learning.

Employee skills are far more transitory than in the past.  Most employees find that they are continuously “going to school” or learning throughout their career.

Markets are changing rapidly; evolutionary change is no longer as common as is revolutionary or discontinuous change.

This means organizations are constantly in flux, and dealing with change, coping with new markets and products, understanding changing consumers, and learning to live in a multiethnic, multi-cultural, world are all drivers of a new way of learning.

An effective corporate university makes certain the skills needed to achieve the strategy are deeply in place, when needed.

 Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Oversee the strategic design, development and implementation of a corporate university or academy.
  • Help define the transition from a training and development function to a corporate university.
  • Design and assist to implement an internal communication and marketing plan for the corporate university.
  • Offer best practice and benchmarking information.
  • Conduct seminars and executive briefings about the design and development of corporate universities.
  • Help you choose the right systems and software for disseminating e-learning and for record-keeping and course delivery.

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